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Willamette International and West Africa Partners – Orphan Sponsorship Opportunity. Please consider sponsoring a child who has lost his/her parents during the Ebola Crisis.

According to UN estimates, there were 320,000 orphans in Sierra Leone prior to the Ebola outbreak. The disease has created thousands more orphans. Unicef reports that 16,000 children lost their parents during the Ebola outbreak.

The normal custom for children who have lost their parents in Sierra Leone is for the children to be taken in by extended family.

Many of these families are living at a subsistence level already, which means that the newly adopted children becomes subject to abuse, marginalization, sexual abuse and being forced to work instead of going to school. Orphans are often not accepted by their extended family because of the fear that they have been “tainted” by disease. In rural settings, stories of children being the only surviving member of both nuclear and extended family is also not unusual.

You may choose to sponsor for any amount, but we are suggesting $45 per month.  For those of you that cannot financially sponsor a child monthly, you can consider a one-time donation or a prayer sponsorship.  These are a few of the areas you can pray for:

  • Mental and emotional healing for our children
  • They would trust in Jesus and grow closer to Him.
  • They would develop a loving connection with at least one adult who loves Jesus.
  • Health and safety.

Thank you for considering supporting these children.  Feel free to pass on this information or contact us if you would like to hear more!

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