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Solar Panels

June 22, 2012 – I hope all is well with you. Things are moving right along here – we just had a visit from a friend and IAM colleague from WA., he came in to teach some of the leaders we are working with. It was a great week. There was also a nurse (David Harter) with him and he paid a visit to Emily to see her work. David and his wife are both nurses and are praying about where to serve after he retires from the army reserves in two years. He will be contacting you to introduce himself.

I want to make known to you some needs coming up so that you can be in prayer, thought and action about them. We are buying some space on a container headed this way (leaving the first week of July from Tulsa). I know there is not much time, but you never know what might happen – some donors might be motivated by one of the needs.
Attached are a couple of pictures to forward on to the donors of the solar panels. Some are being used to power the solar pump at the dam site and the balance will be used to run the UV treatment system and security lighting at the dam site. We will need some more solar panels as well to complete what we want to at the dam site, so if any of your connections are so inclined to make a donation let us know and we may be able to get them on the container.


The UV water treatment system will run about 6K (with provision for security lighting at perimeter of dam site wall. We are at 0 currently unless John Bornt can let us use the 1k he sent for UV treatment.
The framing of the roof of the apartments behind the supervisor is nearly complete (see picture) and we were thinking about buying the roof next week to install. Were you able to get the last roof donated or was it funded by partners? If we have to pay for it we would rather just buy it here locally as we can find decent roofing materials and we want to get the roof on soon before the rainy season so that we can be working on the inside during the rains and hopefully have it done by January of 2013. If a donation were to happen quick enough to make the container we might be able to hold off until the end of August when the container arrives. I can get you the exact dimensions if you need them, but roughly the building is 80 feet long with 2 pitches. One pitch is 22 feet long and the other one is 25 feet long. Buying locally we will probably spend about $3500 usd.

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We still have interior doors that we can make work for the house. Donations of paint and electrical cable would be welcome however plumbing fixtures are too difficult to make work with the existing structures.
We are still lacking about 10k to complete the perimeter wall as well.
That should do it for now – let me know if you have any questions.
Peace, Chad

Please contact Jerry McIntosh at (541) 905-0618 to schedule a more detailed conversation and possibly a presentation at your church or organization.