Grace Village

Grace Village was started in 2014 in response to an Ebola epidemic that swept the country, killing thousands. The children at Grace Village have lost so much. Together, we seek to show them that they are not forgotten. We do that by ensuring them a safe place to live, nutritious food, and quality education. With the help of our Sierra Leonean staff and sponsors from around the world, we are able to communicate how much Jesus loves these children. Despite the deep pain that they have experienced in their short lives, God has a plan for their future and there are people that love them enough to invest in those futures.

Our prayer for each of the children living at Grace Village is that they will understand the Gospel and the deep love their Creator has for them. This love will be the catalyst for a life lived according to the principles of that Gospel and they will become leaders in their communities and world-changers.

Get Involved

One of the biggest ways to invest in the children of Grace Village is to become a sponsor.

Sponsoring a child at Grace Village gives you an opportunity to become that child’s “person.” A person is someone who they will proudly point to as evidence that they are special and loved! 

A $45/month sponsorship will ensure that your child receives:

  • Housing: Our kids live in a clean and safe place with caregivers to watch over them.
  • Staff & Safety: We have 12 staff members who are devoted to providing a safe and nurturing environment for our 39 children.
  • Education: Our children receive a quality education and last year took the top five places in our district during the government exams.
  • Food: Our kids receive nutritious meals every day.
  • Medical Care: Children receive some of the best medical care in the country.