Willamette Aquaculture

A significant part of the ministry philosophy for Willamette International is to employ business as missions. We work to cultivate leadership to run established businesses as well as to start new businesses. This is in response to the teaching of James the Apostle who counselled that our faith is made evident by meeting the practical needs of the people to whom we wish to minister. James 2:15-17.

19th century mathematician and cleric James Booth observed: “You cannot warm the hearts of people with God’s love if they have an empty stomach and cold feet.”

In September 2023, in keeping with this business philosophy, we will be initiating a tilapia fish farming enterprise called Willamette Aquaculture. The objectives of Willamette Aquaculture are:

1. To gain experience in freshwater tilapia fish farming.
2. To provide a protein source for Sierra Leone nationals.
3. To provide employment for Sierra Leone nationals.
4. To assist in church planting ministries to be self-supporting in the future.

The person leading this initiative is Laura Baker. Laura is a graduate of Oregon State University with a Masters degree in Marine Resource Management. She has expressed interest in using this skill and training in ministry to missionaries. In her own words:

“The proposed fish farm will a be series of ponds to grow tilapia and, potentially, African catfish. The wastewater from the ponds will have high nutrients to be used to grow crops. Part of the crop will feed the fish, and the rest can be used for those living on the compound.

The main goal would be to supply additional protein for the Grace Village orphanage. As a secondary goal, to expand the site to feed everyone on the compound with enough production to sell, making the fish farm profitable. It may take two years for any profit to be seen, depending on the productivity of the ponds. This fish farm could also be used by the school to help teach students science, math, and a trade.

If you would like to participate in this important ministry, please follow the link below.